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T. C Culture and Tourism Ministry, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and Anadolu Efes conducted in collaboration with Future supported by the Tourism "Lavender Scented Village Project" to increase the contribution to the economy of lavender in the area, the village aims to diversify income-generating activities and the development of rural tourism.


Lavender Scented Kuyucak village of the village carried out the project meets 93% of total production in Turkey lavender. lavender in the region's rural tourism and rural tourism relations revealing the lavender to contribute to branding, Isparta Keçiborlu County Kuyucak village and surrounding area is a photo contest aimed to regulate.


Competition colorful digital (digital) are arranged in a single branch to be. Such as black-and-white and sepia monochrome (single color) applications made with photographs will not be accepted.


· Competition; jury members, the competition organizing committee members, Lavender Scented Village Project team, Culture and Tourism Ministry, with the next task in the team Tourism conducted in cooperation with UNDP and Anadolu Efes subsidiaries outside the first-degree relatives are at least 18 years of age is open to all professional and amateur photographers.

· Participation is free.

· Contest "Lavender Scented village", including one (1) is organized in categories.

Every participant in the categories specified a maximum of 5 (five) can participate in the contest colored artifact.

· To participate in digital jpg / jpeg format contest, with 300 dpi resolution and in their original size (at least 2,400 pixels and the size of the short edge to be 5MB less) it should be sent recorded to CD or DVD.

· Photos must be sent without a frame or space at the edges. name for the participants in the photo, logo, date, etc. There must be no signs.

· The structure of the photo to be submitted to the competition must be changed. The pictures created with multiple photos of the installation, with the photo-editing program such as Photoshop transformed photographs, photographs to be attached to any object not in the original or existing in any of the object is removed photos will not be accepted for the competition.

· Keçiborlu district of Isparta Photo of the 2016 season lavender should be taken in Kuyucak village.

· Degree of competition in any of the photos to be sent to the contest (prizes, honorable mentions and / or display) must be receiving. Before this contest or concurrent with this race, if it appears to have been to get a degree in another photo aforementioned competition is canceled aforementioned award and is given, you need to return the prize the winner. This revocation status, has received other awards and / or does not bear the right to demand the competitors did not receive. The award will be canceled and instead the photos do not meet the participation requirements will be another photo.

· Participants of the works sent to the contest itself, and agree completely that all permits have been received, and warrants. The awarded prizes they've apparently moved from outside this declaration and acceptance of the participants, title and taken back all gain.

· Applications made after the date of the contest will be taken into consideration.

· All author who participate by submitting photos to the competition, agrees to comply with the above-mentioned competition conditions. The works of the participants do not comply with these conditions will not be considered.


· Competitors are at least two (2) letters of four (4) should be used in the CD, which consists of numbers. Example (AB1234)

Work naming the CD, - serial number - name of work - should be done with the order. Example (AB1234-1-work name)
Designation work with the application form must be the same name until the work of the CD or DVD.
All photos can be saved in a separate category with a single CD or DVD file names.
Completely filled out and signed application form and other documents should be saved on CD or DVD then scanned.
Application form and other documents should be placed in an envelope with a CD or DVD, closed envelope on only six (6) should be written in the CD, character.
Envelopes through the mail until the deadline so packaged to prevent damage during shipping will be sent sent to the address specified in the contact information.
Lavender Scent of mail and cargo delays or loss Village Project Team and Culture and Tourism Ministry, UNDP and carried out in partnership with Anadolu Efes team in the future will not be responsible tourism.
Defective, damaged or defective CD or DVD recording of Lavender Scented Village Project Team and Culture and Tourism Ministry, UNDP and executed by Anadolu Efes partnership of the future will be in charge of the team in tourism and will be participating out of competition.
Assessment by the end of the works returned to outside participants and exhibition awards, contest regulations will be destroyed by the Board.


· End of the contest prize and exhibition space works or 5846 on works numbered Intellectual Property Law as defined in Article 21 of the processing, as defined in Article 22 of the reproduction, as defined in Article 23 of dissemination, representation defined in Article 24 and 25 ' as defined in Article signs, sounds and / or vehicles with accessible for image transfer, transmission indefinitely with the financial rights of the author of any fee paying Lavender Scented Village Project and the Culture and Tourism Ministry, UNDP and executed by Anadolu Efes partnership of the future will belong to's tourism .

· Lavender Scented Village Project and the Culture and Tourism Ministry, UNDP and carried out in partnership with Anadolu Efes future in tourism; The work of these rights framework, indefinitely, in Turkey or abroad, Turkish and other world languages, all kinds of environments and all kinds of material (calendars, posters, albums, catalogs, posters, magazines and book covers, brochures, magazines, newsletters, Internet sites and Lavender Scented Village Project team and the future in other studies approved by the Tourism in the team) can use by specifying the name of the author and will be able to use (collage with photos, in case of banners, etc. graphic design, the name can not be used for the author).

· Awards and exhibition area of ​​the author, of this specification "Awards" reward the amount specified in Article also replace royalty; As for the prize money for the award-winning works of the other work of the use or transfer no matter what under registered Lavender Scented Village Project and the Culture and Tourism Ministry, UNDP and executed by Anadolu Efes partnership with Future's tourism agrees not to make any demands.

· AUTHOR, work is your own original work, that third parties have any rights over this work; That the transfer of rights over the work previously; if third parties must be made in an otherwise legally responsible for his demand that the author; representations, warranties and accepts.

· It is to be paid to the copyright of third parties in connection with the human figure in photos of the author shall be liable to third parties in any dispute that may arise in this regard.

· The award-winning, value observed to exhibit and published by the contest's organizer album will be released as eligible photos will be also exhibited in various events. Organizers of the author participated in the competition for the use rights set forth Lavender Scented Village Project and Future's tourism prior permission / consent deemed to have accepted that the.

· The website and display the works of award Lavender Scented Village Project in the competition, the future of tourism on the website and in their respective social media accounts (Facebook, instagram, twitter, etc.) will be published.

· The winning works will exhibited photos are recorded in accordance with a CD or DVD to the large format printing application form until the last closing date of the working hours with in a way that reaches its delivery must be sent by mail or courier.


Participation Start Date



Last Join Date



Notification of Results Date




Results on the dates specified,, Internet addresses, fragrant lavender will be announced from the village's tourism project and the future of social media accounts, will also make a disclosure.


Önder KOCA, Gezgin ve Fotoğraf Sanatçısı

Ali SAĞDAŞ, Lavanta Kokulu Köy Proje Koordinatörü

Gelecek Turizmde Proje Ekibi, Kültür ve Turizm Bakanlığı, UNDP, Anadolu Efes temsilcileri


First Prize


1.000 TL'lik Para Ödülü

Second Prize


750 TL'lik Para Ödülü

Third Prize


500 TL'lik Para Ödülü




Birincilik, ikincilik ve üçüncülük ödüllerinin yanı sıra katılan eserlerden sergilemeye uygun bulunan 50 adet fotoğraf da sergilenecektir.


Lavender Scented Village Project

Keçiborlu Assistance and Solidarity Association Education

Keçiborlu Governorship

Top Quarter Atatürk Caddesi No: 88

Government House-Keçiborlu / ISPARTA

Tel: 0246 541 40 06

Mobile: 0544 216 41 96

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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