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Isparta Keçiborlu District of branding as the district's lavender producers due to the locomotive manufacturer in lavender production in Turkey, current employment, immigration, and to contribute to the resolution of development problems and tckült in order to create alternative income and employment resources and Tourism Ministry, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP ) and Anadolu Efes future tourism projects carried out in partnership with the call to Keçiborlu Assistance and Solidarity Association for Education in the District of Keçiborlu Village Service Unions and Kuyucak village headman partnership projects were presented. in selecting the hundreds of projects have been put into project implementation.

Kuyucak village can be integrated into the project, the target audience in order to ensure the sustainability of the project and giving the necessary training is provided. Especially trips to places that previously made similar applications for the self-confidence of women to take part in the events. Rather all important project for the region has made important partnerships and collaborations, and work together. Keçiborlu Village Service Unions in the project, Keçiborlu Assistance and Solidarity and Education Association and Kuyucak village headman has taken place as a joint, Suleyman Demirel University Tourism Vocational High School, Keçiborlu Public Education Center and West Mediterranean Development Agency are also given his support to the project as collaborators. Isparta Chamber of Commerce and Industry has also withhold their support during the implementation phase of the project.

  County has a very important transportation facilities. Keçiborlu District, is on the D-650 highway. Lavender is fragrant lavender is grown especially intense Kuyucak village Village; Ankara, Istanbul, Izmir, Bursa, Eskisehir, Denizli and Antalya, which connects the capital of tourism in many provinces of our D-650 highway, 9 km. away, only 20 km from Isparta Süleyman Demirel Airport, Denizli Airport, 83 km, about 16 km from the Antalya International Airport, only 170 km and rail transport. Lavender Scented removed the district and taking advantage of the current favorable location of our village rural tourism potential in the region to open aimed to contribute to the solution of regional issues and implementation.

Turkey also remained secret waiting to be discovered most important 9 floor of introducing our Lavender Scented village is shown as the first, the influx of millions of visitors each year, France's Provence region reminiscent of Kuyucak demonstrate the potential to rival France lavender field and become one of the rural tourism centers at The goal is important. Thus, the provision of increasing the region's economic prosperity and social and economic development, especially in disadvantaged groups of women in employment was aimed to contribute to solving the employment problem.


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